Stormwater Education Campaign

Imaginocean worked with the Burnett Mary Regional Group and NQ Dry Tropics on a Stormwater Education Campaign to get people thinking about how to avoid polluting the stormwater that flows into our rivers and seas each time it rains.

The campaign includes Community Service Announcements, a flash game and interactive website, and in the company of Drain Man and Disgruntled Dugong, takes a wry look at the effects of stormwater pollution.

Drain Man and his friends are currently starring in Community Service Announcements screened in South Queensland. You can see them on the website.

NEW - Stormwater workbooks for schools - Clean our Creeks, Save Our Seas is a workbook for primary aged children. Puzzles, games and fun with Duey Dugong and Drain Man help kids learn about keeping stormwater clean.

Duey the disgruntled dugong has been collecting stormwater rubbish washed into his home.

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